Ever since its establishment in the year 1983, Army Public School Shillong, as an institution has been famed to always achieve the impossible

Till March 1983, HQ 101 Area was running a regimental school called “Rhino Public School” which was merged and renamed to Army School Shillong on 23rd March 1983 and later to Army Public School Shillong on 1st July 2013 under the aegis of Army Welfare Education Society.

Besides giving pure excellence in academics, Army Public School Shillong has always endeavoured to provide its students a little extra. Located in the heart of the city the school opened its doors with 244 students enrolled from classes Nursery to Grade III, adopting syllabus prescribed by CBSE for Kendriya Vidyalaya. Soon after the school began, word started to spread and in just two years time, that is in the year 1985 the strength of the school increased to 376 students and classes to Grade V. The school started as Co- educational and cosmopolitan in nature with English and Hindi as media of instruction and a total of 12 teaching staff excluding the Principal and Vice Principal.

Over the years of history in Shillong, Army Public School Shillong has maintained its cherished culture of trust and respect for the individual, characterized by a strong sense of identity and community and has lived up to its motto “TRUTH IS GOD”.

Since 1983 the school has witnessed rise and groomed generations of all – rounded citizens. This was only possible due to the excellent leadership of the School Management Committee, dedication of the Principal, Teachers and the support of the Parents.

The school has carved a unique niche for itself as a seat of excellence. It lifted the coveted trophy for the “Best Overall Senior Secondary School” in 2005, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2016 in Eastern Command. It has been a tradition for the students of Army Public School Shillong to receive merit certificate from CBSE for their outstanding performance at the Secondary School Examination and Senior School Certificate Examination (XII) conducted by CBSE, New Delhi. The former students of the school are working in almost every sector or field. Whether it is the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Reputed Electronic Media, Public Sector Banks, Judicial Service, Engineering, and Medicine etc. the presence of the alumni of the school is there who are rendering their services as dedicated and skilled citizens of the Motherland


The School Administration and Management Committee (SAMC) of Army Public School Shillong is formed as per the guidelines of Army Welfare Education Society (AWES) Rules and Regulations and approved by the Patron. The composition of the SAMC is as under:-

Chairman BGS, HQ 101 Area.
Members Col ‘Q’(Land), HQ 101 Area.
GE Shillong.
SO1 Edn, HQ 101 Area
Adm Comdt.
Stn Cell, 101 Area
2 Parents' Representatives. (Nominated every year)
2 Teachers' Representatives. (Nominated every year)
Secretary Principal.
APS Shillong


The mission of the School is to provide a befitting ambiance to the 21st century learners which would facilitate learning and to empower them by engendering the essential life skills. The school would also strive to provide quality education to all students and carve them to responsible and contributing citizens.


To develop well rounded, confident, productive and responsible citizens, who are critical thinkers, collaborative and action oriented through quality education. To achieve the reputation for excellence with the help of excellent teaching learning atmosphere, academic achievement, team work and leadership.


Head of the institution Principal, Mr. Rajeevan P.
Vice Principal Mr. Anwar Hussain Mazumdar
Academic Coordinator Mr. Rishiraj Choudhury
Primary Wing Coordinator Mrs. Azra Ahmed
Asst. Coordinators Ms Nisha Gurung classes 6-8.
Mrs Poonam Sunar-Classes 9 & 10.
Mr Kamnasish S Chakraborty - Classes 11 & 12


Department of English Mr. Anwar Hussain Mazumdar
Department of Hindi Mr. Avanindra Kumar Singh
Department of Maths Mrs. Sharmistha Dutta
Department of Science Mrs. Sheela Jose
Department of Social Science Miss Cynthia L Wankhar


With a view to foster camaraderie and competitive spirit among students and to stimulate their desire to excel in scholastic and co-scholastic activities, the school has been organised into four Houses named after four of India’s greatest personalities:

Mahatma Gandhi
Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan
Sarojini Naidu
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Office Bearers: Every Year the school nominates students of class XII as Office Bearers , the Head Boy and a Head Girl who are called School Captains, complimented by eight House Captains and eight Sports Captains representing both boys and girls


1 Rajeevan P PRINCIPAL Confirm 01-06-1994 M
2 Anwar Hussain Mazumder VICE PRINCIPAL Confirm 08-05-2006 M
3 Aruna Das PGT Confirm 01-05-1999 F
4 Rishiraj Choudhury PGT Confirm 12-05-1997 M
5 Sarmistha Dutta PGT Confirm 05-04-2013 F
6 Nonganjao Khadangba PGT Confirm 05/08/1996 M
7 Kamanasish S Chakraborty PGT Confirm 05/11/2008 M
8 Letngam Khongsai PGT Confirm 01/04/2007 M
9 Sheela Jose PGT Confirm 01/10/1997 F
10 Rashmi Walia PGT Confirm 15/04/2009 F
11 Mousumi Chakraborty PGT Confirm 08/04/2013 F
12 Sulekha Bhattacharya PGT Confirm 15/04/2009 F
13 Cynthia Lubentina Wankhar PGT Confirm 01/05/1999 F
14 Nivedita Paul TGT Confirm 07/04/2011 F
15 Nisha Gurung TGT Confirm 01/04/2011 F
16 Poonam Sunar TGT Confirm 01/04/2011 F
17 Manju Gupta TGT Confirm 07/06/1994 F
18 Pukhrambam Nepolian Singh TGT Confirm 01/06/2009 M
19 Asim Kumar Saha TGT Confirm 29/11/1994 M
20 Santhosh Kumar M.S. TGT Confirm 18/04/1995 M
21 Binoy Sunar TGT Confirm 15/04/2009 M
22 Sanchayita Choudhury TGT Confirm 04/04/2013 F
23 Avanindra Kumar Singh TGT Confirm 09/10/2006 M
24 Swagata Sen Choudhury TGT Confirm 01/11/1997 F
26 Selvaraj Chellappan WE TEACHER Confirm 03/08/1998 M
27 Sarbani Das MUSIC TEACHER Confirm 02/04/1997 F
28 Anjum Siddique PRT Confirm 07/07/2009 F
29 Azra Ahmed PRT Confirm 23/05/1989 F
30 Piarlitrep B Majaw PRT Contractual 07/04/2023 F
31 Nandita Dutta PRT Confirm 16/08/2000 F
32 Anima Rana PRT Confirm 22/07/1993 F
33 Seema Turaha PRT Contractual 13/04/2015 F
34 Pratima Gupta TGT Contractual 012/04/2022 F
35 Anupreet Kaur PRT Confirm 19/07/1999 F
36 Daya P.P. PRT Confirm 01/05/2003 F
37 Panchi Rani Choudhury PRT Contractual 08/04/2022 F
38 Matsram Nengminza Sangma TGT Contractual 05/04/2021 M
39 Shalini Chatterjee PGT On Probation 08/04/2022 F
40 Arti Rana TGT Adhoc 08/04/2022 F
41 Swati Kumari Singh PGT Adhoc 06/04/2023 F
42 Rachel Ragina Cyriac TGT Adhoc 08/04/2023 F
43 Ranjana Kumari TGT Adhoc 08/04/2023 F
44 Praveena Sharma PRT Contractual 08/04/2022 F
45 Raminderjeet Kaur PRT Contractual 06/04/2022 F
45 Tina Paul Choudhury TGT Adhoc 08/04/2023 F
46 Nazia Swer PRT Contractual 06/04/2022 F
47 Shweta Rawat PRT Adhoc 06/04/2022 F
48 Daianolin Nongshli TGT Adhoc 08/04/2023 F
49 Anuradha TGT Adhoc 08/04/2023 F
50 Smeka Sarkar TGT Adhoc 08/04/2023 F
51 Manisha Panwar TGT Adhoc 08/04/2023 F
52 Lemuel K Kharbithai TGT Adhoc 08/04/2023 M
53 Deeksha Manjunath PRT Adhoc 08/04/2023 F
54 Himanshu Sati PRT Adhoc 08/04/2023 F
53 Sneha Dutta PRT Contractual 08/04/2023 F
Our Address

Army Public School Shillong
HQ 101 Area
Labasee line,
PO -Umlyngka, Shillong Meghalaya - 793005